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Examine32/Examine64 Text Search - What's New

v6.23 Improved support for OpenOffice files including increased speed in searches of these files.
Bug fix. Fix for failure of program to open examl files with unicode characters > 255 in text search parameters.
Support for Windows Vista has now been withdrawn.
v6.22 Improved support for PDF files.
v6.21 Improved speed in searches of Word(docx) and Excel(xlsx) files.
  Bug fix for v6.20. Fix for opening search results files from Windows Explorer.
v6.20  Logical searches can now use a proximity between matches based on the number of words.
  Improved speed in searches of PowerPoint files.
  Support for Windows XP has now been withdrawn.
v6.10 Support for PowerPoint files added.
  Support for jump lists added.
  Bug fix for decrease in search speed for certain files in v6.02.
v6.02a Bug fix for using logical search for the first time.
v6.02 You can now search files with path names greater than 260 characters.
  Improved clipboard support including bug fix for RTL languages.
  Improved support for PDF files.
v6.01 Improved support for PDF files.
v6.00 You can now sort your searches based on criteria such as number of matches in a file or file name.
  Bug fix. If you close the program on a secondary monitor and that monitor is no longer available the program will now be visible on your primary monitor.
  Bug fix for checking valid file specifications.
v5.11 Bug fix. You can now search folders starting with . (period) character.
  Bug fix for saving search results to a unicode log file from the command line.
  Bug fix for viewing binary files after a unicode search.
v5.10 Support for Excel files added.
v5.04 Bug fix for running searches from the command line.
  Bug fix for WordPerfect file support.
v5.03 Improved support for PDF files.
v5.02 Fix for bug in internal viewer found in v5.01.
v5.01 64-bit version of the program introduced - Examine64 Text Search
v5.00 Full unicode support for text searches.
  Option for unicode searches in binary files.
v.4.71 Maintenance release
v4.70 In Windows Explorer you can now search selected files and folders by using the context menu produced by the right mouse button.
  Support for unicode file names throughout the program.
  The program is no longer supported on Windows 98/ME/NT.
v4.60 In regular expressions you can now use the ( ) and | metacharacters.
Using the | (logical OR) metacharacter, you can now search for more than four strings using either the Text Search or Logical Search functions.
Improved support for HTML files.
Bug fix so that DTD files can now be searched.
v4.50 Support for MS Word 2007 DOCX files added.
v.4.42a Maintenance release
v4.42 Support for MS Word 2003 XML files added.
v4.41 New help system.
v4.40 Support for XML and OpenOffice/StarOffice files added.
In regular expressions you can now use the metacharacters \w, \W, \s, \S, \d, \D.
When launching a file from a ZIP archive the file is now automatically extracted to your temporary folder. The extract dialog box no longer appears.
v4.31 Improved support for PDF files
  You can now print to printers with names longer than 32 characters
v4.30 You can now use the date of file modification or creation to restrict your searches to certain files
  On Windows XP the program now uses the XP visual styles
  ZIP files using the "enhanced deflate" method of compression can now be searched
  Option so that copying from the search window can now copy files as well as text
  UTF-8 text files can now be searched
v4.20 Search results can be saved to disk in a new format so that they can be read back into the program at a later date
v4.13 Bug fix for Windows XP SP2. Program did not run on some systems
v4.12 Complete support for PDF files outside of the U.S.A.
v4.11 Unicode text files can now be searched
  ? now used instead of - in regular expressions
  Bug searching PDF files under Windows NT fixed
v4.10 Support for PDF files added
  The Search dialog boxes now have a places bar when running under Windows 2000 or XP
  The program can now store settings for different users
v4.03 Improved support for Windows XP
v4.02 when running from the command line, search results can now be sent directly to file
  Search results can now be saved in Rich Text Format (RTF)
v4.01 Can now enter larger search strings
v4.00 Now has the ability to save search parameters to file
  Can run search from command line
  Added support for WordPerfect files
  Can now search hidden/system files
  Can now drag and drop folders as well as files
v3.31 Support for Windows XP and Word XP
v3.30 Added support for MS Word format
  Removed limit on number of matches to be found
  Internal viewer can view larger files
  Support for wheel mouse
v3.20 Extended logical search capabilities
  Better text selection in internal viewer
  Enhanced support for external editors
v3.11 Maintenance release.
v3.10 Improved internal viewer. Can now view much larger files.
  Option to view files with an editor of your choice.
  You can now copy to clipboard from the search window.
  Search window maximum size increased from 32,640 to 130,944 lines.
  Improved printer support.
v3.04 New ordering and pricing details.
v3.03 Warnings now given during searches
  Option to delete extracted files on closing program
v3.02 improved support for RTF file format.
v3.01 improved support for HTML file format.
v3.00 new 32-bit version of program.
v1.00 - v2.25 16-bit versions of program

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